Neelam Ghar legendary host, Tariq Aziz dies at 84

Neelam Ghar legendary host, Tariq Aziz dies at 84

One of the biggest legend of Pakistani TV industry, Tariq Aziz, has passed away. His death has been confirmed by his family, who said that he was admitted in a private hospital last night after feeling critically ill in Lahore.

Tariq Aziz was a Pakistani film actor, television show host and politician who is known for his work on the PTV’s Quiz Show Neelam Ghar, first aired in 1974. His record breaking family quiz show was first launched in 1974.

Tariq Aziz received many accolades for his services in the media industry as well as from being an esteemed member of the National Assembly of Pakistan between 1997 and 1999. He received Pride of Performance Award by the President of Pakistan in 1992 for his services to the nation.

His show Neelam Ghar is one the longest running shows in the history of Pakistani television.

Before becoming the most famous host on television, Tariq Aziz, along with the film actor Waheed Murad and film actress Zeba, starred in the film “Insaniyat (1967)”, a Pakistani film. Aziz also starred in another Pakistani film “Haar Gaya Insaan”.

In 2018, while giving an interview to a newspaper, he was have reported to have said, “He (Tariq Aziz) shared that having children or no children is the will of Allah and since he has no kids of his own, he would like to give all his earnings for the welfare of his country. Aziz has won the hearts of many by announcing his will and he surely is a role model for all of us.”

Tariq Aziz has become a cult figure in Pakistani culture and fans are mourning the death of the legend as #TariqAziz and #NeelamGhar have started trending on twitter.

Some remember the famous catchphrases of the legend as they echo in our society today

He was one of the first TV anchors to gain commercial success through Neelam Ghar/Tariq Aziz Show. He interviewed many notable intellectuals, sportspersons and celebrities like late Nazia Hassan and many more on his shows.