‘Tere Bin’ Promo Sparks Outrage For Depicting Marital Rape

'Tere Bin' Promo Sparks Outrage

Audiences have been flooded with anger and outrage after watching the latest promo of the widely popular drama series “Tere Bin.” Episode 47’s preview, with its unsettling storyline insinuations, has deeply unsettled viewers, leading them to question the show’s trajectory.

Throughout the course of the drama, viewers have developed a strong emotional attachment to the characters Meerab and Murtasim, portrayed by Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali. However, the recent promotional clip has hinted at a distressing plot twist involving marital rape, leaving the audience shocked and disheartened.

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Here, check out the latest promo for drama ‘Tere Bin:’

Prior to this development, viewers had already voiced their dissatisfaction with the unhealthy dynamics between the main characters, yearning for a resolution or a separation. The inclusion of such a delicate and distressing subject matter has only amplified their discontent. Numerous fans utilized social media platforms to express their disappointment, openly criticizing the show’s creators for potentially exploiting a serious issue solely for the purpose of generating drama.

When it comes to depicting marital rape in the media, it is crucial to approach the subject matter with care and responsibility, given its gravity and the potential impact on viewers. The show’s choice to include this storyline has raised concerns among many, who are questioning the ethical implications and the potential harm it could inflict, especially on survivors of such violence.

The drama’s writer has also faced criticism regarding the perceived unnecessary deterioration of Murtasim’s character arc. However, the writer, Nooran Makhdoom, has recently addressed the backlash.

In an interview with Arab News, Makhdoom stated, “It’s a situation that was essential for the progression of the series and will lead to the climax.” She further added, “If the audience doesn’t grasp it, I cannot alter it. It’s just a drama. Instead of criticizing every episode, they should wait for the complete story to unfold.”

Makhdoom’s comments shed light on her creative choices and imply that the viewers should reserve judgment until the entire narrative unfolds.

The writer also clarified that both the content team and the production house did not express objections to the new storyline. “It’s not as if this type of portrayal hasn’t been seen onscreen before,” she emphasized. “It’s just that this particular project has garnered such widespread recognition that people reacted strongly to the recent twist.”

Makhdoom went on to reveal that the controversial scene involving spitting and slapping in the last episode was not originally included in the script. It was modified during the filming process. However, she stands by the scene and the script. “When it comes to my social responsibility, I crafted a story, and I stand by it,” she affirmed to the publication. “Furthermore, this is not an unprecedented occurrence; similar instances have happened in the past.”

However, audiences are eagerly anticipating the airing of episode 47, curious to see how the issue will be addressed. The public’s response to the promo serves as a reminder of the significance of responsible storytelling and the necessity for sensitivity when exploring sensitive topics within the realm of entertainment.