TikTok Star Minahil Malik Explicit Pictures Got Leaked

TikTok Star Minahil Malik Explicit Pictures Got Leaked

Social networking sites and video-sharing apps around the world have become a favorite pastime of the new generation and celebrity enthusiasts, but many have been accused of abusing its use. Social media is all about having a positive effect and on society of any person, the same social media is also having a negative impact on society.

Recently, some explicit pictures of a famous Pakistani Tik Tok star Minahil Malik took social media by a storm. Soon after the photographs went viral, Minahil was in tears and tried to take immediate control but it had been of no good. Her reputation was in shambles and other people started trolling her from left to right.

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In addition, she posted a video where she was seen crying ahead of her fans. She has also apologized to her fans for all the fuss that has been created.

It truly saddens us to ascertain how indifferent and inhumane we will be to people with none good reason. Despite the very fact, that we see numerous cases of psychological state deterioration. From celebrities and even teens taking their own lives to collapse thanks to anxiety. Yet, many stay quiet and unresponsive to the damage they could cause to someone.

Just after her photos got leaked, the Pakistani Tik Tok star was blackmailed, trolled, and made fun of on multiple occasions. Hence, just yesterday; she posted a video where she addresses her fans and trollers by saying that she is taking antidepressants; due to the pain, she is in.

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More than that, she also openly threatens to overdose herself for the trauma and torture she has skilled within the past few days.

According to the sources, it’s been acknowledged that Minahil Malik had shot herself in an inappropriate condition for her boyfriend. the pictures were so inappropriate that even her boyfriend started blackmailing him. As per the scandal, it’s quite doubtful that it’s none aside from her boyfriend who had made this happen.

Her boyfriend was posing for money reciprocally for those images, and when this guy was refused, he leaked all those images and videos online.