Top 5 Advertising Trends for 2021

Top 5 Advertising Trends for 2021

2020 has been quite a tough year for all of us, and it almost felt like it would never going to end. But, finally it’s over and now we can set our aim for the year 2021.


In the advertising industry, new techniques and improvements are always being introduced. As soon as you get comfortable with one technique another comes to surface. Therefore, one must always has to keep up with the growing tools and techniques in this industry.

Here, we have predicted a list of ad techniques for you which we believe will dominate the advertising industry next year and you can successfully achieve your targeted goals. So, without any further ado let us dig in.

1. Personalised Advertising:

Also known as customised marketing or one-to-one marketing, is the practice of delivering an customised ad of a brand to any targeted audience where you want to make a lead. Such type of approach results quite attractive and engaging with the possible customer– but they actively dislike being exposed to generic ads – this is something that we expect businesses to take advantage of in 2021.

One-to-one video is another great example of personalised ad’s and the usage of this technique is increasing day-by-day. Brands and businesses usually send these personalised video messages to their customers for better engagement instead of using the traditional ad techniques which included billboards, cold-calls and emails.

Unlike the old day, today brands have a huge amount of data and the knowledge through which they can target their audience with the most relevant message and at the most ideal time.

2. Video Advertising:

As the name suggests, video ads are the brand/business promotional content inside an online video, such ads are usually displayed before, during or after a video stream. Video advertising is not a new concept of advertising, but as the internet, smartphones and technology is growing day-by-day, video ads has a really high percentage of chance to stay as one of the hottest digital ad tendencies for 2021.

We strongly believe that there is a huge potential in such type of advertising, in the coming year, brands/business will find many innovative video ad techniques to communicate with their customers more effectively. Another amazing feature of this advertising is doing ‘Live’ streams, as real-time streaming of videos are becoming widely popular these days among on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many more. Today, a large number of businesses are conducting live-video streaming sessions for their customers and shifting towards a new-era of advertisement.

People these days have access to an huge amount of content with a single-click, and they do not want to watch a long tiring video commercials and presentations, instead they want to save their time with the most fast, on-point and brief communications possible. Therefore, we are expecting the brands to adopt easy-to-make, easy-to-watch, short-form video ads as soon as possible. To make such short video’s, we already have access to some amazing social platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok and Instagram Reels.

3. Mobile Advertising:

Smartphone brands are bringing new innovations to their devices every single day. And we strongly believe that mobile advertising will excel even more to become one of the hottest ad trends in 2021.

People, now-a-days, have started spending more of their time with their smartphone devices then ever. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and businesses are well aware of this fact. Therefore, we expect that businesses will be investing their time and money on the mobile advertising department more then ever before in year 2021.

If we talk about social media apps, they have made an excellent growth in the past few years by introducing highly engaging features into the apps. Like Snapchat introduced the ‘story’ ad feature, in which users can add a short 15 to 30 seconds engaging an attractive video or a photo for their followers, has become a major hit and has been adopted by many other renowned social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and most recently by LinkedIn and YouTube as well.

However, it may just be short 15-seconds, but you can add so much into it so that it becomes attractive and likeable to the customer, such as stickers, filters questions and much more. Also, Instagram users are now able to create their own filters so others can use in their stories.

Moreover, in-game advertising is also becoming very common these days. If you have played any mobile game recently, then you probably know what we are talking about. To play a free mobile game, you are forced to watch a 15-30-sec video ad, only so that you can keep on playing the game. Even tough it can be really annoying, but this is one of the most common moves made by game developers in partnership with brands, to keep their game free of charge. Such type of ads is more likely to keep on being a trend for brands and businesses in 2021.

Now, if we move forward and talk a little about instant messaging apps, we come to know that only WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat when combined together, has more than 4 Billion active users per month. Whereas, WhatsApp, which is probably the most popular instant messaging app used around the globe, is now delivering about 100 Billion messages per-day.

CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said that “By judging the figures, we expect business from all different industries to start investing more of their budget in instant-app ads, so that the possible customers are exposed to the brands’ products and services more then ever before while they regularly chat with their friends and family.”

4. Display Advertising:

Digital display also known as visual ads, is a graphic advertising on websites, apps or any social media platform through banners or any other kind of other format like text, images, flash, video and audio.

Integrating videos in ad banners has now became the latest trend in advertisement. Reportedly, display ads featuring videos can boost CTR by more than 15%.

Such type of advertising enables marketers to use the visitors information gathered from the visited websites, and showcase the information to them with customised ads, highlighting what the customer actually wants, make it concise and most direct way possible, the next time they land on your webpage. This approach is commonly known as ‘remarketing’, and we expect it to be one of the main advertising trends in 2021.

5. Programmatic Advertising delivered through AI:

The hottest advertising trend that year 2021 can possibly provide us with, is the Programmatic Ads through artificial intelligence (AI), to automate ad purchases. Such ads will automate ad purchases and will allow businesses to specify their target audience more precisely.

However, as the number of channels to reach customers are increasing day-by-day, more it is becoming difficult to manage these channels. Managing programmatic platforms through AI is the solution as they use targeting signals and real-time adaptation for each ads via any given channel.

We also expect to experience the introduction of blockchain or 5G network in 2021. Along with, exciting new trends like the use of voice search and voice commands for commercial purposes.

Reportedly, people who utilise the voice search feature, 40% of them claims to use it in their work, we are expecting brands to develop their own voice apps for use on voice assistants. This way, Alexa or Siri will put customers in contact with businesses more easily and frequently, enhancing communication and engagement between the two sides.

Well, these are all the possible top advertising trends for year 2021, we hope this will help you grow your brand/business.

Stay tuned, for more information!!