Top Smartphone Brands in Pakistan

Top Smartphone Brands in Pakistan

Choosing a new smartphone is always a wise move, but it is a difficult decision to buy the right one and requires good analysis. But it is not as easy to buy a cell phone as one might think.


It is usually challenging because people do not usually find out which device is the best purchase when it comes to money and brands. Everyone wants to have every  function on their phones, but at the same time, money is one of the most vital factors to consider. It is impossible to buy a phone with good features at an affordable price. Instead, only some research is needed, and one can easily come to a conclusion.

Many mobile phone users and smartphone users in Pakistan are looking for phones with the latest technology that looks good but does not harm their storage. You want budget smartphones that work well. This is in response to a new competition between smartphone brands in Pakistan.

According to the market survey that the best selling smartphone brands of Pakistan are:

  1. Oppo
  2. Samsung
  3. Huawei
  4. Vivo
  5. Transsion (Tecno & Infinix)
  6. Realme
  7. Apple

Market Share of Smartphones in Deferment Regions of Pakistan

With mobile phone industry in Pakistan emerging rapidly, the share of the smartphone market is also growing which has a positive impact on economic growth.

The statistics of a survey indicates that Karachi owns 27.2% of the market share of smartphones. Lahore owns 25.5% of the market share for Smartphones. 20.4% for all of Sindh while 13.6% for all of Punjab. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa owns 6.8% and the capital of Islamabad owns 2.9% of the telecommunications market share. 2.0% in Balochistan, 1.1% in Azad Kashmir and 0.5% in Gilgit-Baltistan.

The table given below will  give you a clear picture of all the leading stock market products in major cities.

Vendors Karachi Lahore Islamabad Capital Territory
Oppo 23% 24% 24%
Samsung 21% 20% 20%
Huawei 18% 17% 14%
Vivo 12% 13% 12%
Transsion 5% 5% 5%
Realme 6% 6% 5%
Others 15% 15% 20%