Fawad Chaudary to Launch Video Games Certification Program in Pakistan

Youngsters who want to pursue their careers in video games programming and the animation industry can now get officially certified through the government’s video games certification program. The Federal Minister of Science and Technology, Chaudary Fawad just announced the launch of a new certification program through a tweet.



The ministry with this decision aims to be a part $90 billion industry of programming. Fawad Chaudary also claimed this initiative as a “Game Changer,” and hopes that this program will target the uninterested students looking forward to video game development instead.

More details are yet not revealed by the minister neither by the ministry. Fawad Chaudary often leans towards smartphones so it can be believed that the program would be more dedicated towards mobile phones and apps.

Let’s wait until more details are revealed and hope this initiative is a game changer.