“Whale in Dubai Mall Fountain” CGI video create a spark on Instagram

With malls across the UAE reopening this month, one visitor to The Dubai Mall appears to be having a whale of time quite literally.

An animated grey whale was spotted within the Dubai Fountain outside the Downtown shopping venue, Because of the assistance of a bit CGI trickery.

In a video created by developer Emaar, the marine mammal is often seen diving out of the attraction’s water, before splashing backtrack.

“Wait, what?” the clip was captioned. “The Dubai Fountain at The Dubai Mall is often filled with surprises.”

Followers were quick to praise the video’s graphics, although a few seemed to believe the whale was actually living within the fountain.

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“In 2020 it’s totally possible,” joked one commenter, perhaps pertaining to the very fact wildlife has been spotted in many urban environments as people stay at home.

The clip, posted on Sunday, May 17, has already garnered over 170,000 views.

The Dubai Fountain isn’t home to any whales, but it does contain over 6,600 lights to illuminate its water shows, furthermore as jets that can shoot up to 22,000 gallons of water into the air.

The attraction, which first opened in 2009, holds daily performances, choreographed to a variety of musical tracks, beginning every half-hour between 6 pm and 11 pm (with one show at lunchtime, too).

Guests visiting The Dubai Mall are required to wear face masks and gloves as a part of ongoing safety procedures during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Each store also features a notice informing shoppers of the utmost number of individuals allowed inside at any given time. like other malls across Dubai, all entertainment venues, including cinemas, remain closed, also as prayer rooms and fitness centers.