5 Best Makeup & Cosmetic Brands in Pakistan

When it comes to makeup and cosmetics, finding the best quality brands that are budget-friendly, will look good on your skin, last all day, and will be gentle on your skin, sure looks like a very tiring and hectic job to do.

Fortunately, we have gathered a list of some of the best budget-friendly and quality makeup & cosmetic brands in Pakistan that will make your skin even more enchanting and youthful.

These brands have made up a very prominent name for themselves in Pakistan and in the international markets as well for their promising results and affordable prices.

So let’s dive in:

1- Loreal Paris

Almost every Pakistani must have heard the name of this brand whenever they visit a cosmetic shop. It’s one of the most famous cosmetic brand not just in Pakistan but all over the globe. The brand offers almost everything related to skincare, makeup, and even hair products; lipsticks, lip gloss, foundations, mascaras, face powders, eyeliners, hair masks, conditioners, sprays, you just name it. Also, the brand offers everything at a very reasonable price and its easily available all over Pakistan.

2- MAC

Makeup-Art Cosmetics also known as MAC is also a very popular cosmetic brand in Pakistan. This brand was introduced in around 1984 exclusively for makeup artists but it became so popular that it was made available to the whole world. The specialty of MAC is its lipsticks, however, now they also offer a huge variety of beauty products like base powders, mascaras, foundations, lip liners, lip colors, lip gloss, eye brushes, face brushes, skin moisturizers, and much more!

3- Medora

Every Pakistani girl would have used Medora at least once in her lifetime. The brand has been in the local Pakistani market for decades now and is mainly known for its super-trendy Lipsticks. The brand is very reliable and easily available in Pakistan for a very affordable price.

4 Rivaj UK

Rivaj UK is very much similar to Medora. Rivaj UK is also known for providing very punchy and smooth lipstick shades and Lip glosses for a very reasonable price compared to others in the Pakistani market. if you have a low budget, you can definitely try Rivaj as they offer very fine quality products.

5 Essence Cosmetics: 

Essence is an award-winning cosmetic brand, widely known in Pakistan for its premium quality products for a very low price. Essence offers mascaras, eyeliners, brushes, lipsticks, lipgloss, lip balms, foundations, powders, concealers, and much more for very good prices.