Google’s Review For 2022: New Hardwares, Better Softwares & Much More

As the year 2022 is coming to an end, it will be really interesting if we look back and have a small review of one of the biggest tech companies in the world, Google. The company had a very tempestuous time, with many highs and lows in the last 12 months. However, it was not just Google, due to the unstable economy the whole industry suffered.

But for now, let’s just talk about some of the major ups and downs Google had this year.

Google Stadia:

Let’s start with Google Stadia, This was the biggest failure company had to face in 2022. Stadia was a ‘cloud gaming service’ which was developed and operated by Google itself. The service debuted through a closed beta in October 2018 and was publicly launched in November 2019. However, ever since it was launched, people started saying that it will soon be shut down and that its days are numbered. Well, to be honest, Google does have a history of failing in a lot of new projects. Another reason for Stadia’s shutdown could be that when it launched, it was missing many of the features Google had promised, like Stream Connect and Crowd Play, and didn’t work on many devices. Features like 1440p support, which was a very long-awaited feature, literally took years to arrive. Failing to Provide such features also became a reason for its shutdown.

Google Pixel Watch

After getting dozens of leaks and teasers since 2022. the all-new Google Pixel Watch has finally been launched in 2022 alongside the Pixel 7 series. We will talk about the new Pixel 7 later, for now, let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of the new Pixel Watch.

The watch has a pretty sleek and futuristic design and it’s equipped with all the fitness features and apps you’d expect. However, its battery timing is a huge letdown for most of users, the watch barely lasts a full day with a single charge. Still, we can’t call it a total flop, the watch offers many new smart features at a very reasonable price when compared to other smartwatch brands.

Google Pixel 7 Series:

Last year, Google had to face a lot of backlash after the launch of Pixel 6 and Android 12. The new Android 12 had a lot of bugs, and it took the company months to stabilize the situation after they provided multiple security updates. The Pixel 6’s processor chip, Tensor was also facing issues with its power consumption and thermals, due to this users were unable to use their smartphones for a long time.

This year, Google launched its Pixel 7 and it is probably the best Pixel phone yet. It comes with a new and improved Tensor G2 processor, whose main goal is to overcome its last-generation chipset. The processor now has fewer problems than the previous Pixel 6 Tensor. The Tensor G2 has a revamped GPU, upgraded performance cores and is more optimized.

Google Pixel Buds Pro

Google didn’t just focus to improve its smartphone, watches, and software, the company has also launched a pair of flagship wireless earphones in 2022, The Google Pixel buds Pro.

The Pixel buds pro has a very compact design and comes with punchy colors. However, in the start, users did face some issues with its audio tuning but later, the company introduced a built-in equalizer with a balanced preset that helped them sound a lot better.

The best thing about these earbuds is that they are super comfy to wear for long periods of time and it offers a huge battery backup as well.

Android 12L:

Over the past few years, many poorly optimized android tablets have been released and have made a very bad name for themselves in the market. However, This year, Google has tried to make things right with its new ‘Android 12L.’ The update comes with many new improvements for android tablets.

Google Pixel Tablet

After the launch of Android 12, It is clear that the company is very much interested in its tablets department. Recently, at the Google I/O event, the company also announced that its Google Pixel tablet is coming in 2023.

Android 13

Android 13, the latest and greatest android version of all time is expected to be twice as good as Android 12. Although most of its improvements are known it would be way more stable and optimized compared to Android 12. The new android version will have a better media player, better security and privacy policies, and way faster then the previous ones.