Best of ‘Voice Over Man’ Celebrity Interviews by Wajahat Rauf

Best of 'Voice Over Man' Celebrity Interviews by Wajahat Rauf

Leading the charge of being one of the most explosive and blunt talk show in Pakistan right now is a YouTube interview series known as “Voice Over Man” which is actually the famed director Wajahat Rauf acting out as the interview which is his alter ego.

The Voice Over Man is the series where famous and legendary celebrities have made some of the most gob smacking revelations, making it a must watch right now. This YouTube series has crossed the million views mark long time back and received the prestigious YouTube button.

Here are some of the best interviews done by the Voice Over Man

Mahira Khan

One of the most famous interviews done by Voice over man is no doubt of Mahira Khan where the mega star sang, danced, rapped, answered some burning questions and much more.

Being referred to as “Burger” throughout the interview, Mahira Khan revealed finally revealed that she in fact has done some pretty wild things, including stealing pillows from hotels. One of the most shocking revelation made by the starlet was that she charges way less than many other actresses for her movie roles.

Hania Amir

Being called out as extremely “Blunt”, “Psycho Diva” and much more, leaving young starlet Hania Amir in fits of laughter, this interview by Voice over man was a fun and quirky edition.

The interview brought to surface some of the controversies Hania had been involved in like “breaking up famed industry couples” in a fun way and that “Na Maloom Afraad 2” was a film she regrets working in. Calling Award Shows bluntly “garbage” and many actors working unprofessionally in the industry, Hania Amir took the cake with her confessions.

Humayun Saeed

Kicking the interview with the intro “Let’s meet the actor of the industry who is famous more for his affairs in the industry then his work”, this edition of interview with Humayun Saeed was loaded with hefty confessions, first of them being his denying of his famously rumoured affair with Humaima Malik. Hamayun Saaed also confessed that he’d rather die than appear on another morning show.

Throughout the interview Wajahat Rauf implied how Humayun Saeed runs all the award shows, which did not get a confession, rather left the actor in fits of laughter.

Mehwish Hayat

An interview loaded with the reality of the entertainment industry, this interview by voice over man of Mehwish Hayat is explosive. Revealing relationships of stars, their sexual orientation and Mehwish’s own choice to stay single, many things came to the surface. Denying to be a “Trophy wife”, Mehwish has opted to stay single and wait for true love.

Audiences are sure to enjoy Mehwih Hayats melodious voice with the segment “Complete the Lyrics”. Lastly Mehwish revealed that fashion fraternity has more jealousy then Entertainment industry.

Aiman Khan

Being referred to as “Children’s Mahira Khan”, Aiman Khan’s interview by Voice over man was light hearted and fun. Aiman Khan revealed that as a child star, she and Minal used to switch places when one did not want to act.

Aiman with over 2 million followers on Instagram again denied the allegations of buying the followers and is just extremely “likable”. Concluding with a dance choreographed by Wajahat Rauf himself, this edition of Voice over man is a feel good one that you don’t want to miss.

Asim Azhar

Voice over man really won the crowd with his intro of Asim Azhar that was “The man who by singing only one song, angered a whole generation of legendary singers”, referring to his debut song.

Asim Azhar also revealed that many people credit his success to nepotism, and that people time and again on social media comment that he doesn’t deserve Coke Studio’s prestigious platform. Ending on a highnote, Asim gives some of his singing chops to the audience

Adnan Siddiqui

Yet again voice over man brought the many rumours revolving around Adnan Siddiqui and co-actresses and then asking the question that why has he not been caught in all these years, funny man Adnan Siddiqui replied playfully that “I am not Humayun Saeed”.

This episode of Voice Over man is laced with the intelligent humour that Adnan Siddiqui is famous for. Giving the audiences a rare glimpse of his dancing skills, Adnan Siddiqui really entertained throughout the video

Kubra Khan

Starting off different than all other episodes, Voice Over man repeatedly refers to Kubra Khan as Armeena Khan which angers the actress and she storms off, only to return back laughing on the fake buildup.

Ending up uncontrollable laughter when voice over man if the rumours of affair between Ahad Raza Mir and Kubra were true, implying on the sheer audacity of the allegation. The episode is short and gives a glimpse of the fun loving Kubra Khan.

Iqra Aziz

“Good things come in small packages” is exactly what describes the guest of this episode, Iqra Aziz. Iqra revealed that she often replies to all the rude comments on her Instagram account by using another account as she believes all hate will turn into love when she posts the next picture so she does not need to directly insult people. Iqra Aziz also said that she will never do an “Item Number”.

Voice over man also hinted in this interview of the brewing romance between then rumored beau Yasir Hussain.

Momina Mustehsan

Being introduced as “Extremely Beautiful and Slightly Crazy”, this interview with Voice Over Man is a close look into the starlets world. To the allegation on being of a gypsy-esque nature, Momina replied that she actually does love talking to her own self which is quite irritating to many of her friends.

On being asked about how to deal with the fans who begin to bother to the point of harassment, Momina replies that she tries to be polite with them and leave them in a graceful manner.

So for some burning content, visit the channel and get entertained by the Voice Over Mans funny interviews that have some grit to them as well.