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Bipasha Basu’s Hot Bikini Body Is Major Fitness Goals!


Bipasha Basu is that one Indian actress who has always given us some major fitness goals. Recently, she shared her old picture in a bikini and she looks hot as fire!


Even though the hot picture she shared is old, but even after all those years, she looks very very sexy. Here’s a compilation of all her bikini body photo shoots.

Bipasha Basu bikini body

Bips has always been so vocal about being fit and adopting a healthy lifestyle. In her previous interviews, she has emphasized a lot on eating right and working out to shed those extra pounds. Speaking about her beauty belief, she said, “Healthy food and exercise is the key to living well. I also drink lots of water through the day. It’s my simple home recipe for glowing skin.”

Bipasha Basu bikini body

Bipasha’s Healthy Lifestyle

In another interview, she was quoted saying, “I eat everything except red meat and rice. Lots of greens, chicken, dal, roti and vegetables form a part of my daily diet. For beautiful skin, I recommend fish, barley, nuts, seeds, sprouts, yogurt, fruits and vegetables especially the leafy, green variety. Fish and nuts are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that help with glowing skin.”

Living a happy married life with her hubby – Karan Grover Singh, the Bengali beauty confessed that she even has major sweet cravings, but she always takes it in portion control, so that she doesn’t feel deprived.

Bipasha Basu bikini body

There is a complete DVD guide for Bipasha Basu’s exercise routine and she never misses her exercise routine for anything. “During my one-hour routine, I forget everything – family, friends, work…no one can reach me. That kind of investment helps. Today I am much calmer, focused and can handle situations better. The bonus is that you look good and you are happier.”

Well, that’s a lot from Bipasha to make all women and men stay focused and dedicated!

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