BMW 2 series Grand Coupe Price in Pakistan

BMW 2 series Gran Coupe

BMW Dewan Motors has announced the launch of the new 2-series Gran Coupé in Pakistan by-way-of one of their social media post, the company also said that it will be set on display at the Park Towers Showroom in Karachi from July 1st to July 7th, 2020.

The latest 2-series Gran Coupé is 4-door compact car. The design is inspired by the similarity of Sedan and Coupe. The company will launch 4 different variants of the car including Advantage, Luxury Line, Sport Line and the M Sport model, which is the supreme variant available in Pakistan.

Engine Specifications and Performance:

The standard model of this new BMW series is 218i holding 1.5-liter 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, which can generate up to 140 horsepower and 220 newton-meter torques. The engine is mated with 7-speed automatic gearbox and goes from 0-100km/hour in 8.7 seconds.

BMW Engine Specification

However, the second model 220d, is offering a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, generating 190 horsepower and 400 newton-meters of torque. This engine is connected with 8-speed automatic gear transmission and goes from 0-to-100 km/h in 7.5 seconds.

At last, there is the M-Sport version, which is best of the best, featuring a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. This machine can produce 306 horsepower and 450nm of torque. It also has an 8-speed automatic gearbox and goes from 0-to-100km/h in just 4.4 seconds.

In BMW M-Sport version, you will be provided with sports steering, suspension, and brakes for graceful car handling and road grip while at driving fast speed. This model also has BMW’s xDrive which offers All-Wheel Drive system, for a quick boost in launch.

BMW Outlook:

BMW Front Look

BMW has made some eye-catching evolution in the new model, which has received some over-whelming reviews from customers, all around the world.

Front: Probably, the most prominent feature of the car is the massive kidney grills at the front. The M-Sport version has huge vents, more angular bumper along with air-scoops to improve the aerodynamics of the car.

Headlights: BMW has installed all-new BMW LED Laser headlights in new car, highly efficient while driving at night in pitch black.

Side Skirts: The side of the vehicle offers various curvy stylish lines which increases the beauty of the car.

Frame less doors: BMW is featuring frame less doors, which makes it more unique than the rest of the vehicles available.

Rims: BMW has installed 19-inch alloy rims in M-Sport version, while on the other hand; standard versions have 18-inch alloy rims.

Rear: If we talk about the rear of the car, the design is quite stylish and modern, with sleek taillights, two air vents on the side, and two reflectors on the bumper. The M-Sport Variant also offers two exhaust surrounds and a wind diffuser at the bottom of the back to achieve higher speed.

BMW Rear Look

Interior look:

Now, let us talk about the interior of the car, if we compare the interior of this new BMW vehicle with their competitors like Mercedes, the design not much flashy and colorful, in fact, it is surprisingly quite simple and outdated.

BMW Interior Look

However, in term of modern tech, the car is fully equipped with the latest technologies including, driver assistance such as rear and front collision warning system, lane-change assistant, cruise control, high-tech infotainment system, parking assist, and dual-zone climate control system. The car also features top-notch leather seats which are extremely comfortable.

But with the M-Sport version, you get much more features than that, which includes a bigger infotainment system, paddle shifters, multi-way driver electronic seat adjustments, and a fully digital gauge cluster.


The price for the car is not yet decided and announced by the company yet to the public. But keeping in mind, since it is a top-class car from a top-class brand, it is expected that the price would be sky-high. Those who can afford to purchase this car will definitely consider this car to experience the joy of driving a car with modern features with high comfort and extra ordinary performance on road.