Burger King Japan introduces ‘Fake Burger’ For Limited Time

Burger King To add ‘Fake Burger’ to the menu For Limited Time

In order to live the past heyday of their brands, many try to come up with strategies and ideas to make a “comeback”, Burger King is doing something similar for its Japanese market with its latest invention, the “Fake Burger”.


The Burger giant took to twitter to announce the news, saying: “[We] can’t tell you the details of the taste and contents yet, but once you eat it, you will be addicted to its deliciousness.”

The product is set to be a limited edition addition to the menu, it is a “fake burger”, yes! Because it is edible and it is not a burger.

It does look like a burger in the blurry reveal but the contents of the filling is not revealed yet.
The burger is speculated to be a plant based burger but the burger giant does not fail to surprise.

Fake Burger will be priced at 290 yen, which is $2.75. At the same time, their typical whopper costs 220 yen ($2.1).

Previously, Burger King launched a meat-free version of its famous Whopper, rolling out the new “Impossible Whopper” at 59 restaurants in St Louis.

Burger King has offered a veggie burger for years, though the meat-free version was sold for about a dollar more than the beef version.