ChatGPT Makes The Leap To Social Media Thanks To Snapchat

ChatGPT Makes The Leap To Social Media Thanks To Snapchat

Snapchat doesn’t want to be left out of the generative AI frenzy and has announced the launch of its own chatbot based on ChatGPT. This is My AI , which as of today is integrated into the social network for Snapchat Plus subscribers in the United States.

From the platform they have described the bot as a kind of personal companion powered by artificial intelligence. For now, it is an experimental feature, so it is expected to evolve and improve over the weeks.

While it will initially only be available to those who pay for the Snapchat Plus membership in North America, which currently costs $3.99 per month, the intent is for My AI to reach all users of the platform . However, it is still unknown when it will make the leap for a global launch.

We could say that the new Snapchat chatbot is a lighter version of ChatGPT, in every possible way. My AI uses GPT-3.5 , OpenAI’s natural language model, but its ability to provide answers has been quite limited.

The developers of the social network told The Verge that it cannot use insults, nor generate explicit sexual content, nor mention political issues. In addition, the tool is prevented from being used to generate academic content , to prevent users —adolescents, in many cases— from wanting to cheat with their school assignments.

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Snapchat presents its version of ChatGPT as a fun option capable of making rather innocent recommendations . From ideas for a birthday present, to a recipe for dinner, to give examples. However, from the company led by Evan Spiegel they have issued an important warning to users, “As with all AI-powered chatbots, My AI is prone to hallucinations and can be tricked into saying almost anything. Please note its many shortcomings and apologies in advance!”

Snapchat Has Its Own Version Of ChatGPT:

An interesting point of My AI is that Snapchat will store the content of the conversations with the chatbot . From the platform they explained that the talks with artificial intelligence will be reviewed in order to improve the experience with the product. For this reason, the developers warn that you should not share any type of secret information, nor should you rely on it for advice.

On the other hand, Snapchat indicates that its chatbot based on ChatGPT has been designed to avoid misleading, biased, incorrect or harmful information. However, he warns that mistakes may occur. The repeated calls to use this feature wisely are not accidental, considering that emotional manipulation through generative AI is a hot topic of debate these days.

But the case of Snapchat is interesting because it is the first of the big social networks to implement OpenAI technology . Having taken this first step, it would not be unusual to see other platforms in the sector venturing out with similar proposals.

While My AI is based on the technology that powers ChatGPT today, it could expand to other language models in the future . From Snapchat they indicated that, over time, they would plan to implement technology developed outside of OpenAI, although without elaborating on it.