Churails: Web Series gets Banned in Pakistan

Churails: Web Series gets Banned in Pakistan

In the plethora of web series being released around the world, one series that is making waves in the sub-continent is the Asim Abbasi directed, Churails. A Pakistani production team produced this extraordinary series for Zee5 streaming platform and now Pakistan itself is out to ban its viewing in the country.


After a controversial clip from the movie got viral and heavily criticized for the content it was showing, Twitterattis are demanding PEMRA to ban the viewing of this polarizing series in Pakistan.

Though the series is being streamed on the Indian platform and PEMRA has no jurisdiction over a global streaming platform, banning the viewing of the series is somehow being demanded.

Here is what the people are saying on twitter nonetheless:

The story is a social commentary of empowering women through small things in daily life that seem meekly but rather make the standing of the society stronger as a whole.

The demand for Pakistani content in India had spiked which caused creators in India to rethink their stance and bring the quality content loved by Indian audiences back on their screens.

The web series is now streaming on the OTT app, ZEE5 and on

Though receiving accolades worldwide, this amazing content is being criticized in the place of its story’s birth and now in danger of being banned.