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#ImranKhanDestroyingPakistan a rising Trend on Twitter Pakistan


Ever since the Global pandemic hit Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan has constantly been under much criticism due to his decisions. Now the hashtag, “Imran Khan Destroying Pakistan” has started trending in Pakistan as the situation worsens and the country crosses 100,000 mark of current corona patients.

There have been about 100,684 confirmed cases with 33,465 recoveries and 2,002 deaths in the country. Punjab has recorded the most cases at over 37,000, and has also reported the most deaths in the country, a total of 659. The country was put under a nation-wide lockdown until 9 May, which was initiated on 1 April and later extended twice. Upon its end, the lockdown was eased in phases.

Though Pakistan’s medical professionals have pleaded for more controls and greater enforcement of lockdown and social distancing directives, Imran Khan thinks Pakistan is too poor to observe a strict lockdown once again.

“A lockdown means the collapse of the economy and in poorer countries a steep rise in poverty, crushing the poor as happened in Modi’s lockdown in India,” the prime minister added.

“The only solution as the world has discovered is smart lockdown which allows for economic activity with SOPs. We are amongst the pioneers of this approach. I appeal to civil society, media, Ulema and our tiger force to create awareness amongst the pioneers of this approach. I appeal to civil society, media, Ulema and our tiger force to create awareness amongst the public of Covid-19’s severity and the need to strictly observe SOPs,” he tweeted.

On the contrary, China who has been able to successfully curb the spread of coronavirus says it has largely stopped the spread of the virus at home, though it continues to have occasional localized outbreaks.

People are also criticizing Imran Khans decisions that have caused long ques at the petrol pumps and various other things that according to the citizens “is destroying the economy”.
Failure to address high inflation and unemployment is another problem Imran Khan’s government is unable to resolve.

Some of the angriest tweets are below:


People also are losing jobs due to the virus and want answers

People of the country on twitter want answers from the government and have them take decisions that will benefit them in the long run.

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