Iqra University reduced tuition fees by 25% for upcoming semester

Iqra University reduced tuition fees by 25% for upcoming semester

With the pandemic spreading to greater dangers every day, it is more than likely that life will not return to normal anytime soon. This holds true especially for thousands of students who will have to miss out on valuable lessons in a physical learning space.

Many institutions even in these testing times continue to charge and increase fees that is causing much issues for the students. But one of Pakistan’s top university, Iqra University, seeing to these issues has announced a reduction in tuition fees by 25% from the next semester.

All students can avail this discount and attend their semester online by visiting this link:

Iqra has recently been included in the top 300 universities by the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Ranking 2020.

Iqra University was ranked as the number 1 business school in Pakistan by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in the rankings announced in 2016. It was also ranked as the top business higher education institution by HEC in 2015. Iqra University is the only private sector university in Sindh that is the largest employer of doctorate holders as faculty.

It was founded by Pakistani businessman Hunaid Hussain Lakhani, who currently serves as the chairman.

This step surely will be appreciated by the student body and ensure that the process of gaining quality education continues in the country during this pandemic.