Karachi Milk Prices rise to Rs 120/ kg after losses during lockdown

Karachi milk price increased up to Rs120 per kg

The inflation hike due to corona-virus lock-down is showing its effects on milk prices as the Dairy and Cattle Farmers Association hiked the price by Rs10.

The per kilogram price of milk is now Rs120. The milk prices increased last month as well and are likely to increase again this month.

The dairy associations announced the increase in the milk price and said that it will not decrease them even if the government decides against it or calls for a meeting.
The hike in the prices comes after constant decrease in the prices during the course of the lock-down due to the widespread global pandemic. This decision has been taken to compensate for farmers’ losses due to a drop in prices in previous months.

The prices during lock-down were decreased as the farmers did not want the milk to go to waste as Dairy and Cattle Farmers’ Association, Shakir Gujjar informed that people bought dry milk instead of fresh milk to stock up for quarantine which resulted in a massive loss to farmers.

To compensate for the losses, Gujjar had already announced in March 2020 that there will be an increase of Rs20 per litre after the lock down was lifted.

Even in 2019, the increase in milk prices was a cause of much concern in Karachi and the government and Dairy and Cattle Farmers’ Association stood at loggerheads regarding the matter much to the dismay of the consumers.