Kausar Spices brings special Eid-ul-Adha discounts on Daraz.pk

Kausar Spices brings special Eid-ul-Adha discounts on Daraz.pk

As the festive occasion of Eid-ul-Adha comes around the corner with Dhul-Hijjah starting already, Pakistani households are gearing up their ace game to prepare the traditional and most revered dishes of this Eid.

Add the flavour of authentic Pakistani cuisine this Eid-ul-Adha with Kausar Spices and Recipes Mixes.

As the festive season calls for extra special treats, Kausar Masala is bringing you special Eid deals and discounts that will make your Eid spread even more special. The special Eid discount bundle deals are live now on Kausar Store on daraz.pk and ready to be ordered and delivered to your doorstep in time for Eid preparations.

Made from best ingredients and extensive quality assurance procedures to get the best flavour, Kausar Masala Range is one that goes excellently with Red Meat and the recipe Mixes blend and complement each and every recipe that Pakistanis hold close to their hearts.

Whole range of Kausar Spices is now available on Daraz.pk and special Eid bundles have been made available for customers so that your BBQ, Dinner and other meals are extra flavoursome.

Special Bundles include 6 Packs in the price of 4, with custom Recipe Mixes and Dessert Mixes that include BBQ Range, Biryani Range, Dessert Range and more exciting combinations that suit all.

Some of the bestselling packages include the following combinations:


For a perfect spread that has a range of dishes and flavours, Kausar Spices has prepared a custom combo that includes Bombay Biryani, Karahi Gosht, Nihari Tikka, Daal and Kofta Masala. All the traditional dishes in made easily with just one Kausar Spices Bundle.


For a varied combination that includes not only rice dishes but also BBQ, Kausar Spices brings the special bundle that includes Karachi Biryani, Achar Gosht, Qorma, Tikka, Meat & Veg Curry and Paya Masala.

And for many more such bundles, visit: Daraz.pk

All this goodness can be delivered free of cost to you at your doorstep via ‘Daraz.pk’ & our Facebook/instagram page. We are taking very strict measure to prevent & staying safe from COVID-19.

Order your bundle today and get it delivered to your doorstep before Eid, so hurry now.

Kausar Spices have a huge range of more than 300 products which include;

  • Rice range
  • BBQ range
  • Curry range
  • Chaat masala range
  • Plain spices
  • Traditional Eastern desserts
  • Pickles
  • Pastes
  • Seasonings

A household name in Pakistan when it comes to authentic Pakistani taste is “Kausar Spices”, a renowned and one of the oldest producers of Pakistani and Oriental Recipes Mixes, Spices and Dessert Mixes.

The founder of Kausar Spices, Late Mr. Haji Abdul Majeed took an initiative to produce and manufacture good quality spices in 1986. After a few years he perfected the recipe mixes and launched his own brand by the name of ‘Kausar Masala’ in 1986. Mr. Majeed’s only concern was to protect the environment by providing the best quality and never settled for anything less.

After 34 years Kausar is protecting the legacy at Kausar Spices of maintaining the same quality and formulations that Mr. Majeed left. Each and every batch being produced is ground in a highly clean environment and tested in laboratory before going in packaging. Kausar Spices makes sure and uses the spices of each batch to ensure that valuable consumers get the same taste and quality each time they pick up product from the shelf or order online.