Lux with Yasmine Sabry pays tribute to Front-line workers amidst Coronavirus

The global pandemic that is Covid-19 has changed the lives of millions like they had not known before. Everyone is living in a new world that does not allow so much that was considered normal in our old lives. Many celebrities across the globe are offering amazing support to their fans and communities and playing their role. Now Lux has also joined hands with Yasmine Sabry for a noble cause and using their influence to let people know what the frontline workers are doing and sacrificing to beat Covid-19.

This effort by the Lux combines the beautiful sentiments and gratitude that the world has for these unsung heroes who without caring for their own lives, are serving millions.
Though Lux is all about a beauty of a woman, it is also the beauty of their spirit and determination that is highlighted perfectly in the latest campaign.

The campaign beautifully summarizes its whole message when it says, “True beauty shines in the darkest of times”, a testament to the doctors and frontline workers who have more then their lives to save thousands.

The Egyptian actress came under much fire after she started dating businessman Ahmed Ab Hashima, who took to his IG stories to share a picture of the couple holding hands, again showing off the massive rock. Abou Hashima was previously married to Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe, and their marriage lasted for nearly 6 years before he ended with separation.