Manufacturing Business Partnership between Xiaomi & Select Technologies (Pvt) Limited

Manufacturing Business Partnership between Xiaomi & Select Technologies (Pvt) Limited

Xiaomi, the global consumer electronics, and smartphone giant which recently become the world’s second-largest vendor by handset shipments in the second quarter 2021, has joined hands with Select Technologies (Pvt) Limited (SELECT), awholly-owned subsidiary of Air Link Communication Limited (AIRLINK) as its manufacturing partner for Xiaomi smartphones in Pakistan.


Xiaomi shipped 53.1 Million units in the second quarter of 2021that accounted for 17% of the global market. Xiaomi aims to be the world’s number one mobile phone company in the next few quarters. AIRLINK is one of the leading manufacturers, retailers, and distributors of smartphones in Pakistan with all the major global brands as their partners in the smartphone industry. AIRLINK recently executed the largest private sector IPO in the history of Pakistan and is the first company in this sector to have achieved this milestone. AIRLINK already has an established state-of-the-art mobile phone manufacturing facility working with leading global brands since the start of 2021.

Embracing their vision of “Make friends with users and be the coolest company in the users’ hearts”, Xiaomi continuously pursues innovations,high-quality user experience, and operational efficiency. With its motto of making quality technology accessible to everyone, the company has ventured into manufacturing devices in Pakistan with SELECT. The smartphone production facility is located at Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate, Kot Lakhpat, Lahore and will be fully functional within the month of January, 2022.

Companies around the globe consider Pakistan’s mobile market as an emerging market with a plethora of opportunities for businesses. With the emergence of 3G/4G technology there has been a significant increase subscriber base of mobile operators. Locking on this opportunity mobile brands are providing consumers with a wider choice of smartphones at more affordable prices in the low tier range.

This initiative will help us in the creation of jobs, development of a higher level of skills, encouragement of R&D culture and innovation in the industry.