Maria B Faces Backlash for Shooting Campaign in Ancestral Graveyard

Maria B Graveyard Shoot

One of Pakistan’s most famous designers Maria B always stays in the news, not for her unique lawn designs, but for many unusual reasons. For the last few days, she was continuously getting criticized for her triggering sentiments against the transgender and intersex community in Pakistan. Now, the designer has once again made headlines for shooting a campaign for her brand at an ancestral graveyard.

The latest collection by Maria B, featuring lavish formal wear, was recently filmed at two historic sites in Pakistan – Derawar Fort and the Bahawalpur Nawabs’ ancestral burial ground. In videos, models were seen dancing in the cemetery, which was obviously very disrespectful to the sacred location.

Maria B Shooting in Ancestral Graveyard

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After the shoot went viral, The Abbasi family, who were the ruling Nawab family of Bahawalpur, expressed outrage and condemnation over the recent photo shoot by Maria B’s team. They have even threatened to take legal action against the designer for allegedly misleading their staff to gain access to the family’s ancestral graveyard.

maria b shoot at Graveyard 2

The photo shoot, which took place in the cemetery, featured dancers moving around and even walking on the graves of the family’s ancestors. The Abbasi family sees this as a serious violation of their family’s legacy and a disrespectful act towards the deceased.

maria b shoot at Graveyard

Many social media users attacked Maria B for disrespecting the graveyard’s sacredness. Here, have a look at the comments.

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maria b graveyard shoot 2

However, after all the backlash, Maria B has now officially issued an apology statement in which the brand has also clarified that the video was shot in ignorance and did not know there were any graves at that site.

Maria B Apology Graveyard Shoot