Ministery of IT send Smartphone Manufacturing Summary to ECC

A summary of the smartphone manufacturing policy has been sent to the Economic Co-ordination Committee (ECC) on the directive of the Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunications Syed Amin-ul-Haq.

According to details, the Ministry of IT has sent a summary of smartphone manufacturing to the Economic Coordination Committee. The summary was sent on the instructions of the Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunications Syed Aminul Haq.

Federal Minister Amin-ul-Haq said that the availability of low-cost smartphones in the country is a priority of the Ministry of IT. It is imperative to increase the capacity of smartphone manufacturing at the national level.

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It may be recalled that in February this year, the Engineering Development Board (EDB) had approved a mobile device manufacturing policy to encourage local investors.

Keep in mind that Pakistan is the third-largest market for mobile phones in the world where 34 million mobile phones are sold annually. Local mobile manufacturing will create about 200,000 jobs in the country and the country will be able to become part of the global supply chain.

The manufacturing of smartphones would create employment opportunities for local people. The steps would, he said, also promote the further expansion of related support industries within the country like packaging material and smartphone accessories, etc.