Father & Son lost their lives while taking Selfies near Khanpur River

Father & Son lost their lives while taking Selfies near Khanpur River

In a recent turn of events, a father and son lost their lives while taking selfies, while the nephew nearly escaped death on Wednesday.

The accident happened while Nadeem, a resident of Chaklala, Rawalpindi, was heading home from Abbottabad with other family members on motorcycles when the group stopped new Khanpur River to take pictures, according to the rescue team.

The incident happened like this that the family stopped at the river bank to take the pictures, Nadeem, his son Ayan and nephew Nauman were taking selfies at the river bank when Ayan fell into the raging torrent. Nadeem and Nauman dived in to save him, but the river was in flood after rains.

Nauman managed to reach the bank and was rescued by the locals, while Nadeem and Ayan were swept away.
Bodies of the two were discovered later by the rescue team.

Similar events have been taking place across the country for years even after authorities have directed people to be careful while doing such activities. Similar incident had happened last year where two young men drowned while trying to take a selfie in Gujrat’s Sarai Alamgir in 2019.

The men were trying to take a picture of themselves along the banks of a river Eid morning when they fell in and drowned.

A selfie attempt yet again cost the lives of two tourists from Karachi last year, a father and daughter duo when the young girl fell into the Swat River. The locals recovered the bodies after a couple of hours from Madyan.

Such cases get reported around the world every day but people remain ignorant to the risk they are taking for a mere selfie.