Uber palns to layoff 3,700 employees Due To COVID-19 Crisis

Uber palns to layoff 3,700 employees Due To COVID-19 Crisis

The devastating effects of the coronavirus on the economy continue to grow, with the latest target being online travel company Uber. A statement issued by Uber on Wednesday said it was firing 3,700 full-time employees, equivalent to 14% of the company’s total.

Uber says their employees were forced to quit their job because people were not leaving their homes for fear of a corona infection. When people do go out, they try their best to meet as little as possible and not to travel in someone else’s car.

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In the United States and most countries around the world, Uber and Lyft are two online companies that provide people with travel facilities.

This is an alternative to the Taxi service. People who own vehicles in these companies register their names and pick up riders at their convenience. People order a car by going to the company’s app and the car owner who wants to pick up a ride in the neighborhood accepts the order. This way the rider gets the car faster and the driver gets some extra money.

Because of the corona lockdown, people are not only avoiding going out of the house but also do not sit in another person’s car due to the risk of the coronavirus.

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Similarly, drivers registered with Uber and Lyft are also avoiding putting a stranger in their car.

The San Francisco-based Uber company will save 220 million by firing 3,700 employees. The company said its workers and drivers affected by the corona would be paid up to 14 days to help.