Mobile Phone imports almost doubled in 2020

Mobile phone imports increased almost double

Since (July-June) 2019-2020, we have observed that almost 81.32% growth has been made in imports of mobile phones, reaching $1.369 Billion compared to $755.548 Million during the same period last year.

Telecom experts are thinking that possibly this huge increase in mobile phone imports are due to the implementation of Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS), which is a system that recognizes the non-compliant devices operating on local mobile networks. It automatically registers compliant devices operating on the mobile networks and in the end blocks all non-compliant devices.

In June 2020, mobile phone imports increased by 300.62% and made $231.303 Million which is quite unusual if we compare it with June 2019 imports, which stood at $57.736 Million.

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Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), revealed some statistics regarding the imports, according to these statistics, in June 2020, the figure was 108.21% higher when compared to May 2020, which stood at $111.059 Million.

Across the board, telecom imports observed an increase of 34% during July-June (2019-20) when compared to the same period of last year. Total imports were recorded at $1.86 Billion during this period when compared to $1.379 Billion in July-June (2018-19), while registering 71.62% growth in June 2020. This figure stood at $272.576 Million in June 2020 as compared to $158.93 Million during May 2020.

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Although, other telecom network imports suffered with a downfall of over 21.36% in July-June (2019-20) as they made only $490.754 Million in contrast to $624.017 Million during the same period last year. After that, when compared to May 2020, other telecom network imports registered 13.41% downfall in June as they were $41.453 Million compared to $47.871 Million.