Oxford Scholarships Announced For Pakistani Students 2023

The Tareen Oxford Scholarship, recently announced by the Oxford Pakistan Programme (OPP), aims to support promising young students by providing means-tested funding.

The scholarship is specifically targeted towards deserving students from South Punjab, an underdeveloped region in Pakistan. The OPP hopes that this scholarship will serve as a crucial foundation in uplifting talented youth from the area. The announcement was made by the OPP on Tuesday.

According to a statement by the OPP, the University of Oxford’s Kellogg College will provide scholarships to students who have been accepted into one of its eligible graduate programs, but lack the financial resources to accept the offer.

The scholarship will prioritize students for whom it will be a transformative experience and who have a dedication to advancing South Punjab’s development.

The OPP’s graduate scholarship program will provide funding for tuition fees and living expenses, with a minimum of three scholarships awarded annually to promising Pakistani and British Pakistani students.

The Tareen Oxford Scholarship, announced by the Oxford Pakistan Programme (OPP) on Tuesday, will provide means-tested funding for deserving students, particularly from underdeveloped regions like South Punjab.

The scholarship will prioritize students who have been offered admission to an eligible graduate course at the University of Oxford’s Kellogg College but lack the financial resources to accept the offer.

The OPP aims to award the scholarship to students for whom it will be a life-changing opportunity and who demonstrate the potential and commitment to contribute to South Punjab’s development. As part of the OPP’s graduate scholarship program, the scholarship will cover tuition fees and living expenses for successful applicants.

The scholarship, which is supported by Kellogg College alumnus Ali Tareen, will be a five-year program, with funds being donated annually and disbursed on a rolling basis. The OPP hopes that the program will not only benefit the awardees but also inspire other talented scholars in the same communities to aspire for similar opportunities, fostering a more diverse and inclusive academic community at Oxford.

There will be two initiatives included in this program:

  • Firstly, an access program will be offered to final year students who are applying for graduate degrees. It will include an Access Conference specifically for final year students from South Punjab who are currently in the process of applying for MSc and PhD degrees abroad. The top 20 attendees of the conference will receive one-on-one mentorship from an Oxford student or recent alumni at no cost.
  • Secondly, 100 students from South Punjab will be selected based on their performance, either by topping their FSc boards or obtaining the highest marks in their first year at a public sector university. These students will receive guidance on how to maximize their potential over the next three to four years, as well as career prospects. They will also be provided with one-on-one mentorship to encourage them to aspire towards becoming the best minds globally.