Razia: Mahira Khan Announces Her New Drama Serial

Razia Mahira Khan Announces New Drama Serial

Mahira Khan, the stunning Pakistani actor, has a huge fan following, thanks to her exceptional talent and mesmerizing beauty. Her fans eagerly await every new project she takes on, be it on the big screen or small. With successful ventures like Quaid E Azam Zindabad and Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay under her belt, Mahira has proved her mettle in the industry.

But the wait for her next on-screen appearance was getting too long for her fans. However, now there is good news for all the Mahira Khan aficionados out there. The superstar has recently announced her upcoming television project, Razia, on Express TV. And she has already given her fans a sneak peek into the project, sharing a picture of her script and a behind-the-scenes photo. Here, have a look:

Everyone is expecting the upcoming drama serial Razia to be different from her previous works, with a unique storyline and a distinctive character for Mahira. Express TV has also shared Mahira’s post, adding to the excitement among her fans. So get ready to witness Mahira’s magic once again as she gears up to set the screen on fire with her new project!

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Mahira Khan’s fans are overjoyed to hear the news of her upcoming television project, and they can’t wait to see her in action once again. With the project yet to reveal the creative team behind it, her fans are eagerly anticipating what the drama has in store for them.

Not only are they excited about the storyline, but they are also intrigued by Mahira’s new look in the show. Her fans have flooded social media with best wishes for the star, expressing their love and admiration for her.

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So, what do you guys think about this upcoming drama serial? Are you excited to see Mahira Khan back on the small screen? Let us know in the comments below! With Mahira’s immense talent and fan following, we’re sure that the drama will be a huge success. We can’t wait to witness her mesmerizing performances once again. Stay tuned for more updates on this highly anticipated project!