PUBG Mobile is getting a huge Update and a New Tournament With $2 Million Winning Prize

On Monday it was announced that PUBG Mobile will get an enormous new update with improved User Interface (UI), upgraded graphics, and a “mysterious surprise” for PUBG fanatics. Also, an e-sports will take place with a massive winning prize of $2 Million.


According to the developers, the new update will graphics update and it will be extraordinarily for a mobile game. With improved character mode, particles will be added for smoke, muzzle flashes, and explosions. Lighting, shading, and environment detail will be enhanced as well.

The UI changes will incorporate a pristine lobby where all the social, game, and store functions will be composed into pages under a “spotless and basic” menu.

The game play changes have not been revealed by the developers yet during the live stream, however, it is said there is a “mysterious surprise” which is kept a secret from its fanatics until the game goes live.

PUBG Mobile tournament will take place in November this year in which professional teams from around the globe will compete against one another. Whereas, the current World League and World Championship tournaments will be combined into one mega event.

However, due to the unprecedented nature of the tournament amid the ongoing pandemic, this new season will be called “season zero”. The prize pool for this tournament will be $2 million, which is the biggest prize pool ever offered by PUBG Mobile. The new update of PUBG Mobile will be out on September, 8.