Sahir Lodhi Loses His Sh*t & Twitter Cant Handle It

Sahir Lodhi

Pakistani actor and host Sahir Lodhi who has been making the rounds in social media because of his debut movie “Raasta” has made the headlines again and now officially.

After Sahir Lodhi’s latest movie Raasta which bombed at the box office and was declared a disaster, despite having a stellar cast and a good budget. The movie is being heavily criticized by online bloggers and on social media sites.

Sahir Lodhi who did not know how to handle the criticism became infuriated and held a video press conference where he blasted the bloggers for criticizing his movie Raasta.

Sahir spoke about the matter and stressed upon the comments which stated: ‘Sahir is a cheap actor and has cheap fans.He said, “I am standing with the people of Pakistan.” He further asked, “How can you call them cheap.

After this Press Conference, he became a laughing stock on twitter.


So What do you think guys? Is he really furious or this is just a PR stunt for his movie? Tell us in the comments