Shamoon Ismail’s Smooth Performance on Confetti For Velo Sound Station

Shamoon Ismail's Smooth Performance on Confetti For Velo Sound Station

Islamabad-based singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist Shamoon Ismail, renowned for his signature style of juxtaposing R&B; “Punjabi Jatt Blues”, Chili Rap and Hip-Hop performed a song called ‘Confetti’ written, composed and produced by the quirky artist all by himself.


“My signature musical style is pretty much self-created and has roots in R&B and Hip-Hop.” Shamoon explains.

A nominee for Singer of the Year at the Lux Style Awards: 2019 Shamoon whose past standout hits have included ‘Tuntuna’, and ‘Marijuana’ was approached by Bilal Maqsood “to produce an upbeat song similar to ‘Marijuana.’ Confetti’s own melody Shamoon says is inspired by 80s Synth wave.

Rendered in his own quirky and smooth vocal style, ‘Confetti’ juxtaposes conversational Punjabi Jatt lyrics interspersed with cutesy English ripostes against a relatively unwavering, controlled and cruising melody that is perfect for listening to at a beach party or cross-trekking across Pakistan in one’s car.


Says Bilal Maqsood about Shamoon’s performance: “There’s something very mysterious about the way Shamoon sings and performs.” Shamoon’ describes his own personal style as “original” and for his performance- wardrobe designed by EB chose a hip mocha- brown casual jacket and sleek pant suit printed with white floral motifs paired with a black T shirt and endnoted with a silver chain and white sneakers.

Shamoon simply describes his experience working with Bilal Maqsood is one emotive word: “Smooth.” Eclectic, emotive and visually ebullient, Episode Two was yet another exceptional triad of performances melding individualistic and invigorating music and sassy style amidst the backdrop of an energizing stage and audience production.