Top 10 Shan Masala recipes that every Pakistani Love

Top 10 Shan Masala recipes

Pakistani Cuisine is a celebrated thing not only in Pakistan but also all around the world. And one product that has taken the classic Pakistani taste everywhere is “Shan Foods”.


A range loaded with recipe mixes, spice blends, Pickles, Mix Pastes and much more, Shan Foods gives a complete solution to all your food dreams.

Shan Foods has single handedly changed how the Pakistani Kitchens used to operate in our grandparent’s era that required long exhaustive and not to forget expensive cooking processes, to now where recipe mixes can give guaranteed results in literally minutes.

So here are the ten products by Shan that Pakistanis love to use.

Punjabi Yakhni Pulao:

Pulao is the amalgamation of the yummiest juices that flow in meat stock and combining them in fragrant rice, a long but tasty process.

But Shan Masala has decided to skip the wait and long hours and presents the authentic taste of Yakhni Pulao with its Punjabi Yakhni Pulao Masala.

Bombay Biryani:

One of the most sold and popular recipe mixes that has given Shan its unchallenged position of market leadership, is their “Bombay Biryani”.

The mix has the flavor of authentic Bombay biryani as the recipe mix is loaded with spices, flavors and combinations that give the taste of classic biryani.

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Spice Range:

The extended spice range by Shan is one that has become a necessary staple in every household in Pakistan. Red Chilli Powder, Garam Masala, Iodized Salt, Tumeric and many more are some of the staples that all dishes require and Shan delivers the best quality in the market in abundance.

Meat Tenderizer:

Red Meat is considered the “go-to” protein in Pakistan and mainly almost all the dishes require soft juicy meat that just falls off the bone, but as everything good, it takes painstakingly long to get this result.

Not anymore, as Shan’s Meat Tenderizer aces the slow process, giving you a gooey and juicy piece of meat.

Fruit Chaat Seasoning:

One famous seasoning that has changed the way Pakistanis consume fruit is Shan’s Fruit Chaat Masala, which is a blend of spicy, salty and sour spices, which after combining with the seasonal fruits gives them an extra oomph.

Shahi Haleem Mix:

Haleem is the “It Dish” when it comes to impressing guests, celebrating religious festivities and welcoming new seasons. And this warm and wholesome dish has been given the right taste with Shan Shahi Haleem Mix.

BBQ Range:

Shan BBQ range is loaded with flavor and variety, whether it be Baqra Eid or any BBQ party at your rooftop, the extensive BBQ range has got you covered. Many kitchen experts have used this range of Shan to crack out inventions like Roll Paratha at home.

Vegetable Mix:

Boring vegetable mix is part of the bygone days, now people like to add the flavour and that spark in their vegetable dishes as people choose a healthier lifestyle.

Daal Masala:

Daal is basically lentil soup that not only carries a whole lot of flavor but also amazing nutrients and so is part of our meals regularly. Shan adds a lot of kick to the classic daal and presents it in a new and improved way.

Lahori Fish:

The must have staple in each household come winter is the Shan Lahori Fish Masala. A blend of the most tastiest and fragrant spices, Lahori Fish Masala gives the authentic taste of famed and classic Lahori street food at your home.