Top 10 US Hit Songs Of 2016


2016 was an amazing mix of rock/pop/R&B songs. But there were very little romantic songs which could reach the top.  Here is a list of our top 10 favourite US hit songs from 2016. Hope we can see more of amazing songs as Lil Wayne and Eminem rapping kings are about to release their latest album.

10. Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna This is What You Came For

Believe it or not, this was the most awaited song for the fans. However, the opening clip of half a minute was released 10 days before the official song. As a result, it broke the record for most-streamed new songs on Spotify. Calvin has recently launched an album but it was not as successful as this song was.

9. Lucas Graham’s 7 Years

Lucas Graham’s 7 Years got stuck up for 9 weeks on the Billboard list as the artist’s genre was very unique from all the top songs. We were able to see another emerging artist who won the Danish Act of the Year. 7 Years is still topping in top 20 and was definitely deserves a spot in the hottest song of the year.

8. Heathens by Twenty One Pilots

Suicide Squad movie might not have clinched what Heathens by Twenty One Pilots. However, It was a very mystical and hideous song as it topped the Billboard as soon it was launched. The artist released Ride and Stressed Out as well this year but Heathens were the main story of their success.

7. Closer – The Chainsmokers

This has to be one of the most popular songs of Chainsmokers which lead them so much success. They could not even imagine of. The song was screaming to the top in its own style, ranging from One Dance by Drake. Chainsmokers and Halsey notched world tour by this song. Closer has not even come down from top 10 since it’s release.

6. My House – Florida

Flo Rida is in this sports for a long time now. Therefore, this time he has come up with a modern pop and rock song which was released on 26th March and broke all his own previous records. It is his only song of the year so far. I guess he made enough breakthrough with his solo song this year.

5. Starboy – The Weeknd

Based on industry forecasts, the song literally  sold 80.000 downloads in its first full week. Starboy is The Weeknd’s latest album title song. Therefore, the album was initially released just 6 days ago but the song was released 2 months earlier so it reached on the “Hot Hit” List.

4. Cheap Thrills by Sia

Sia is a pop star in her own right now. Her latest song Cheap Thrills is one of the most top song of the year as this star has emerged unbelievably . It’s being premiered as no. 1 song and was there on the no.1 spot at Billboard for roaring 17 weeks. She has kept the cover of the song illuminate in an international way.

3.  Don’t Let Me Down by Chainsmokers

This song was the first megahit for Chainsmokers as it remained in the Billboard for 21 long lasting weeks. Chainsmokers earned hugely by Don’t Let Me Down. 

2. Work by Rihanna

Rounding up to be the hottest Rihanna’s signature songs. She lifted into a solo share of the third most no.1 songs of all time, even ahead of Michael Jackson and The Beatles. Speaking of which, Work has spent a total of 58 weeks on the Billboard list.

1. One Dance by Drake

Drake’s International smash “One Dance” is named the Biggest Song Of The Year. Therefore, the catchy hip-hop/R&B/ Pop track is dominating the charts, internet streaming, and it’s all over the radio.