Top 14 Hadiqa Kiani Songs of All Time

Top 14 Hadiqa Kiani Songs of All Time

Hadiqa Kiani is one of that national treasure, whose talent is hailed all around the world. She is one of the few artists in Pakistan who has sung in multiple languages like Punabi, Urdu, Siraiki, Pashto, English and many more.


Making her mark in the 90s, Kiani has made her mark in the Music Industry and has ventured into Hosting and now will be making her acting debut with the latest drama on HUM TV.

In 2006, Kiani received the fourth highest Pakistan civilian award, the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, for her contributions to the field of music.

So here are the top 1 songs by Hadiqa Kiani that everyone should listen to:

Zindagi Gulzar Hai:

A drama that has achieved cult status in the country, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, is remembered for many things and amongst them is Hadiqa Kiani beautifully singing its OST.


With heavy electronic beats in the background, Dupatta is a Hadiqa Kiani classic that features a story-line set in a dystopian future.

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Boohay Barian:

One of the most iconic song by Hadiqa Kiani that has achieved a cult classic has to be hands down, “Boohay Barian”, a song about the innocent love.

Hona Tha Pyaar:

A sweet and melodious romantic number performed alongside Atif Aslam is “Hona Tha Pyaar”, which was featured in the mea hit movie “Bol”.

Dil Janiya:

A Punjabi song with a revamped music by Hadiqa Kiani featuring English rapping is the romantic song, Dil Janiya.

Kamli Da Dhola:

A rendition of the famed “Kamli Da Dhola” is performed to perfection by Hadiqa Kiani and that too in Siraiki, keeping the new rendition authentic to its roots.

Chaap Tilak:

A tribute to the hindu community, this classic gets a refereshing rendition from Hadiqa Kiani, who does not fail to impress.

Iss Baar Milo:

Featuring the important topic of Mental Illness that was often overlooked in the 90s, Hadiqa Kiani dabbles in pop music for this song and we can say that we absolutely love it.

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Maybe the most impactful and socially relevant drama in Pakistan has to be Udaari and Hadiqa Kiani captures the deep emotions of the drama with perfection in its OST.


Getting her talented vocals to sing in Pashto is an absolute treat that we have received in the massively hit song “Janaan”. Singer Irfan Khan also is featured in the song.

Mehar Ma:

A classic that not only gained popularity with its lyrics and Kiani’s execution of song but also the song features some amazing looks that Kiani sported.


Stepping into the world of Coke Studio, Hadiqa Kiani performed “Rung” which is a rendition of Khusro’s work. The song was originally created for “Bonanza Satrangi”.

Manne Di Mauj:

Yet again a classic that has achieved a cult classic is “Manne Di Mauj”. The song has beautifully Punjabi lyrics that become even sweeter with Hadiqa Kiani’s melodious voice.

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Yaad Sajan Di Ayi:

A slow paced song about the love that is lost, Yaad Sajan Di Ayi, is a memorable song that was brought to life by Kiani.