Top 5 Battery Brands In Pakistan 2022

The most common reason why a Pakistani needs a battery is either for its vehicle, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), or Solar Panels. As we are all aware, load-shedding has once again started in Pakistan. Therefore, UPS, Solar Panels are a life savior for every Pakistani household or workplace, as they can provide a long-hour electricity supply in our house during load shedding.

Luckily, Pakistan has many local battery manufacturers available that offer very reliable and durable batteries. You can get also them at a very reasonable price as well. Here, we have arranged a list of some of the best battery brands that are currently available in Pakistan which offers the best quality batteries with longer life, availability, durability, features, and company warranty.

1- Osaka Battery

Osaka is one of the most popular and also largest battery manufacturers here in Pakistan. The company is known for providing premium quality batteries for vehicles like cars, motorcycles, and garden vehicles as well as UPS, Inverter, and Solar Systems. The company is ISO 9001 & ISO certified that has been serving here for over 19 years now and has a very reputable name in the country for its top-notch quality and reliability. Osaka also offers 200 to 3000 Amps VRLA batteries, which are entirely sealed batteries with rugged A.B.S. construction best suited for solar systems, UPS, auto control equipment, telecommunication, and performing cloud work in any extreme climate condition.

2- A.G.S. Battery

AGS is another big name in the battery industry of Pakistan. The company belongs to the Atlas group and is highly recommended for vehicles and any other electric devices. The company has also received many international awards for maintaining its quality and safety standards. The company also offers a warranty to its customers. The company offers many amazing models like the Hybrid (A.G.S.) HB46 Lead Acid 30 A.H, which is a very low maintenance battery with 9 plates. It also has a Atlas Hybrid (A.G.S.) HB50 Lead Acid 38 Ah 11 plates and Atlas Hybrid (A.G.S.) HB65 Lead Acid Plates 45 Ah with 13 plates.

3- Daewoo Battery

Daewoo Battery, the manufacturer of Lead-Acid Batteries is known for providing maintenance-free batteries for vehicles, UPS, Inverters, and Solar Systems. The company batteries are designed with Korean technology and offer very reliable, long-life batteries.

The company offer DLS-105 and DRS-105 battery for 1800- 3000CC engines and has an amazing spill-proof feature with its double seal. Daewoo also provides the DLS-120 and DRS-120 batteries for 2000 to 4000CC engines and DIB-110 and DIB-135 that are specially designed for UPS and Solar Panels.

4- Volta Battery

Volta battery has been serving Pakistan for the last 20 years and has now become the leading manufacturer in the industry for providing unrivaled and premium quality batteries for daily use batteries. Volta’s Deep Cycle batteries were created especially for Solar & UPS systems. Volta’s batteries can easily handle more than 1500 cycles at 60% DoD. Moreover, its low internal resistance and easy carrying handles make it a great choice for solar applications, UPS & inverter systems, and telecom power supplies.

5- Exide Battery

Exide, which was incorporated in 1953 in association with Chloride Group Plc of the United Kingdom is now the leading manufacturer in the Pakistani market. The company has been rewarded with multiple international awards including the top 25 Companies Award 8 times to date.

The company is best known for providing high-quality batteries for cars, solar panel systems, UPS, generators, tractors, and many other electrical devices. The company has Exide N70 and N100 are one of the most popular 12 Volts batteries. These multipurpose batteries also come with a 6-month warranty. The company also has many other models like the GL50, HP 165, N 140 Plus,  N 180 Plus, N190 Plus and many more.