Top 8 Smartphone Brands In Pakistan 2023

Looking for a new smartphone but don’t know which one to choose? Well, you have come to the right place because in this article we will tell you about the best smartphone brands that you can find in Pakistan with the latest designs and features.

In the past few years, many new smartphone brands have set foot in the Pakistani market because of the increasing demand of the people, all of these brands provide high-performance phones with eye-catching displays. That’s why when you go to a market to get yourself a new smartphone, you find so many brand options with so many different cool features that it becomes very difficult for you to choose that one smartphone that can fulfill all your needs.

But don’t worry, we have compiled a list of some of the most famous smartphone brands in Pakistan that are offering affordable smartphones with the most amazing and advanced features in 2022.

1- Samsung

Samsung is probably the most famous android smartphone brand not just in Pakistan but the whole world, and almost every Pakistani may have used a Samsung smartphone once in his lifetime.

Samsung is widely known for its eye-catching displays, beautiful sleek design, and high-performing mobile phones. Samsung also makes other electronic devices like TVs, washing machines, etc. but the company mainly got attention for its super reliable and affordable smartphones. Samsung’s Galaxy and Note series has always been the top choice. Samsung in Pakistan alone sells around 300 million units, which is absolutely amazing. Samsung also offers other similar series to galaxy like the ‘A series,’ The ‘J Series’ and recently it has launched its ‘Flip series’ which is really a jump into the future.

2- Apple 

Apple is usually considered the biggest rival of Samsung smartphones. Though Apple is not an android and has its own operating system called ‘iOS,’ people always tend to compare these two smartphones with each other. In Pakistan, Apple iPhones have a huge fan base, especially for its cameras which give the user a very natural photo experience compared to other smartphone brands. Also, the iPhone is loved for its extraordinary performance and security features.

Apples sell about 20 million units per year in Pakistan and are available in 40 other countries around the globe.

3- Huawei

Huawei is a famous Chinese mobile brand that offers very innovative and advanced featured smartphones in Pakistan. Huawei made its name in Pakistan, especially for its high-end cameras and amazing hardware reliability. The company gain popularity with its Mate series a few years back, and recently the company has launched its Nova series which is mainly focused on Cameras. Huawei sells about 100 million units around the globe.


Oppo is another famous Chinese smartphone brand that was launched in Pakistan a few years back as a selfie-oriented phone. Pakistanis were just obsessed with the OPPO selfie camera back in the day, still, in 2022, they are offering some of the best selfie camera smartphones like the OPPO F21 Pro and the OPPO RENO series.


Vivo is another Chinese smartphone brand that was established in 2009, but in just a few years it has become one of the top mobile phone brands around the world, including Pakistan. The company currently offers three main series in Pakistan, which are its V, X, and Y Series. The brand is known for its sleek and modern designs.


Tecno is a Hong Kong-based company that was established in 2006 and in Pakistan it is usually known for its super-affordable smartphones. It seems like Tecno mainly targets customers who have a relatively low budget to buy a smartphone but still, the company offers all the latest technologies and features with good quality cameras and an innovative design.

7- Xiaomi

Xiaomi is another very famous Chinese smartphone brand in Pakistan that is also known for its Redmi devices. Xiaomi offers smartphones that are very popular among the young generation of Pakistan because of their various useful features, sleek designs, reliability, and affordability.

8- Realme

Realme, based in Shenzhen, is a Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer that was founded in 2018. But in this very short span of time, realme has gained mass popularity in Pakistan as well as around the globe. In just 4 years, the company has started making many mobile phone series and other accessories like earbuds, smartwatches and much more. realme is known for its outstanding innovation in its devices. The company offers from low to high-end smartphones for its users. The most popular is its narzo and C series in Pakistan which are very affordable and packed with the latest features.