Amy Jackson’s Instagram Pictures Are the Best Thing You’ll See Today!


Amy Jackson, The British model-turned-actress is making waves in the B-town for her gorgeous looks, sexy pictures and her awesome fashion sense. The 24-year old actress is yet one of the most talked celebrity as of now and her Instagram pictures can validate this fact.

The Singh is Bling actress’s Instagram pictures are something that your eyes should be on. Jackson surely knows how to live her life as a normal person and as an actress. IF you are one her fans and want to know who Amy is and what she is up to then her Instagram is the RIGHT place you need to follow!

Here are 10 reasons to follow Amy Jackson on her Instagram:

1. Her Never Ending Love for Food

Yes, you read that Right! Nothing can make her happy more than food. Despite being the fitness freak, Amy likes to try a variety of food items from desi to continental.


2. She is a Travel Freak

If you are someone who loves travelling and adventures are one thing you can’t live without then Amy Jackson’s Instagram will help you how to be a traveller and explorer. Amy loves travelling and exploring different places and people. GOD! She is giving us some major travelling goals!


3. She Loves Indian Culture & Values

Despite being brought up in British culture, Amy values Indian religion and culture.  She enjoys celebrating Indian festivals and occasions and with her desi attire, she has proved that too.


4. She is a Total Fitness Freak

Fitness is one of her priorities and she takes it very seriously. Her perfect figure is a proof that Amy is a fitness freak and won’t compromise on it. Guess what? She lifts weights too


5. She is a Proud Dog Supporter

Among many celebrities who support animal rights, Amy is one of the proud dog supporters. She loves dogs and has a pet of her own too.  She is also a proud supporter of PETA India

6. Fashion and Amy are Irreplaceable

Among many celebrities who have become a fashion icon, Amy is one of  them who is  known for her fabulous fashion sense, She knows how to carry herself  in any form of dress, how to match her accessories with her outfits and make a fashion statement.

7. Her Sizzling Red Carpet Appearances

The Singh is Bligh actress has been spotted on various red carpet appearances. The model-turned-actress and her red carpet appearances have always made it to the media. Thanks to her beautiful face and her amazing dressing sense.

8. She Looks Hot AF in Indian Attire

Amy looks exuberant and drop-dead gorgeous whenever  she flaunts her Indian outfits. She steals the thunder and makes herself stand out from the crowd. We bet you’ll agree too on this!

9. Outlook towards Life

She surely knows how to live her life as a normal person despite being  a celebrity. She is so positive about everything and motivates everyone to do the same!

and finally!

10. Those Hot Bikini Posts Though!

Whether be it a small gathering with friends, a night out or simply enjoying herself somewhere alone, Amy is a party freak who likes enjoy everything till her stamina gives up!