Armed Man attacked Karachi Stock Exchange in morning, Situation is now under control

Armed Man attacked Karachi Stock Exchange in morning, Situation is now under control
A plainclothes police officer surveys the site of an attack at the Pakistan stock exchange entrance in Karachi. Photograph: Akhtar Soomro/Reuters

Pakistan’s oldest and biggest stock exchange, The Karachi Stock Exchange came under a terrorist attack early morning on 29th June.

At least 3 people have been killed- two guards and a policeman, according to police in an attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange building in the country’s financial hub of Karachi, officials said.

Seven others were wounded, including at least two policemen. “Two [attackers] were killed at the gate, and two of them went inside in an injured state and were then killed there,” Edhi said, speaking to reporters close to the site of the attack.

The terrorists launched a grenade attack at the main gate and entered the building after opening indiscriminate firing.

Abid Habib, director of the Pakistan Stock Exchange, was in his office when the attack started. He told the local media he is now with 20 other staff members as paramilitary officers clear the building.

“At 10am (05:00 GMT), one car came inside the building [complex] and by force they entered the building and randomly started firing,” he said. “There was gunfire… and suddenly everyone was rushing to the windows to see what is happening. Because the firing was close by, everyone was very worried and we closed our outside doors.”

Rizwan Ahmed, a police official at the scene, said that after opening fire, the gunmen entered the stock exchange. He said the food supplies were found on the bodies of the terrorists, indicating they may have planned a long siege, which police made to fail.

PSX Managing Director Farrukh Khan said that a security guard reportedly lost his life in the attack. “Two other security guards and a civilian were injured,” he told “They didn’t let the attackers enter the PSX compound and held them back successfully,” Khan added.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has condemned the terrorist attack at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) carried out by four gunmen on Monday.

The premier paid tribute to the security officials who foiled the terror bid and prayed for quick recovery of the wounded. The entire nation is proud of its brave officers, Imran Khan added.

The official Twitter page of the Pakistan Stock Exchange said, “The situation is still unfolding and management, with the help of security forces, is managing the security and controlling the situation,” it said.

“We will issue a more detailed statement in due course once the situation is under control and more details are known. For now firing has stopped and reinforcement are in place,” the tweet read.

Sindh province governor Imran Ismail condemned the incident by posting on his twitter.

CM House Twitter account also posted regarding condemning the attack and calling for immediate action.

PML-N’s Hina Pervez Butt criticized the government for failing its citizens.“Nawaz Sharif had worked so hard to eradicate terrorism but under Niazi, the law and order situation in the country has started deteriorating again. This government is failing in every field,” she tweeted.

“Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s terrorist attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange condemned – the security forces bravely fought the enemy and thwarted the attack,” Shahbaz Gill tweeted.

Gill added the whole nation was proud of its brave soldiers. “I have extended my heartfelt condolences to the families of the martyrs and pray for the recovery of the injured.”

Aseefa Bhutto Zardari paid tribute to all the brave officers for their valour. “Strongly condemn the cowardly attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi. Salute our brave officers who fought back and killed the terrorists. Reports still coming in about loss of innocent lives, praying for the victims of the terrible attack and their families,” she said.
About 2,000 traders and staff were present in the building at the time of attack, according to the reports.