Beconhouse deducted 75 Percent Salaries of Staff amid Pandemic

Beconhouse deducted 75 Percent Salaries of Staff amid Pandemic

Amidst corona virus, many industries have been suffering for a very long time and have “let go” of much of their staff with due reason but when one of the biggest education chains of Pakistan, Beaconhouse School System” reduces 75% of the salaries of their “blue collar staff”, many on social media criticize the move.

Though it is understandable that the expenses must have been getting out of hand with schools now closed for now more than 6 months, but the lower waged staff does need the support of its employer more than ever and with no jobs in the market can face potential crisis.
The employees who had to face salary cut down include custodian staff and all instructors of co-curricular staff. They include extracurricular teachers, lab assistants, support staff including clerks and cleaners, and revoking their full-time.

It is also important to mention that though the schools are closed, these institutions continue to charge heft fees from all their students.

This move of the school marks their attitudes as “materialistic” while forgetting their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

This seems like the classic case of the powerful throwing the weak at the first stroke of a test to save themselves rather work together to a better solution.