Bigg Boss 10 Banned in Pakistan!

Bigg Boss 10 Banned in Pakistan
Bigg Boss 10 Banned in Pakistan

PEMRA bans all Indian contents airing on Pakistani channels including reality shows like Bigg Boss!

The tension between India and Pakistan is escalating to new heights! After an uncertain ban on Pakistani actors working in India and some harsh verbal exchange between the entertainment fraternities, PEMRA ( Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) has suspended the licences of media outlets airing Indian content without issuing a prior notice. This means a clear ban on the upcoming Bigg Boss season 10 in Pakistan.

PEMRA in a statement said, television channels and FM radio stations and cable operators are strictly asked to stop the airing of Indian content and follow the new policy. Well, with all Indian content being banned, this means Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10 will not be telecast there and Pakistani nationals will not be able to watch Salman Khan hosted reality TV show.

Bollywood movies and Bollywood reality shows and a cult favourite in Pakistan. So much so, that even local channels air backdated versions of the show and acquire specific rights to air the content. But the rising tension after the Uri attack has led to various bans in both the countries. Reality shows, including Bigg Boss garner high ratings and are highly followed in Pakistan.

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Pakistan has also banned the release of any Indian movie in the country after Indian officials banned Pakistani artistes from performing in India.

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