Dubai: Pakistani Supermarket delivers Mangoes in Lamborghini

Dubai: Pakistani Supermarket delivers Mangoes in Lamborghini

Pakistani Mangoes do not need any introduction, there are different varieties available which are quite famous almost all around the globe and does not need any advertisement campaign to attract people.

However, Mohammad Jahanzaib, who is a managing director at Pakistan Super Market Dubai, a mart which sells daily life food products, including mangoes that are imported from Pakistan, started a campaign during the coronavirus pandemic to spread positive vibes among the residents of UAE by offering a memorable joyride in an exotic Lamborghini.

Mohammad Jahanzaib stated that:

“The main aim for this campaign is not to advertise our brand but to spread joy and love to people”

Jahanzaib also told that the people can avail this offer of free Lamborghini ride, after placing an order of minimum Dh100, also that he does not charge any extra money to the people.

“Pakistani mangoes are very popular in Dubai. Even westerners are fond of Chaunsa,” he said.

Before the word spread, he used to deliver mangoes in his exotic car only once a month, but now he does it four days a week after the news of his unique delivery method spread.

Moreover, he said that the sales for mangoes had gone sky rocketing by more than 100% and most of the customers are now on hold for ‘Mangoes in Lamborghini’ with a minimum waiting time of 7 days.

Jahanzaib’s customers usually get thrilled after ordering mangoes as they cannot wait for the Lamborghini to show up at their home. “Sometimes, people ask us to aware them a few moments before arrival so they can get their cameras ready to take some pictures with the car” he said.

The managing director also included that:

“When I came up with this idea to deliver different varieties of mangoes to people in my super car I did not imagined that people would love it so much and I will continue to spread love and smile on people’s faces,”