Ertugrul Ghazi’s Main Character Sings “Dil Dil Pakistan” for Pakistani Fans

Ertugrul Ghazi's Main Character Sings "Dil Dil Pakistan" for Pakistani Fans

Turkish actor who played the role of a brave soldier Abdul Rehman in the popular Turkish drama serial Ertugrul Ghazi in Pakistan has congratulated Pakistanis on Eid by singing Dil Dil Pakistan.

Turkish actor Jalal, who played the role of Abdul Rehman, chanted “Dil Dil Pakistan Jan Jan Pakistan” and congratulated Pakistani fans on Eid.

In a video shared on Twitter, he said that he congratulated all Pakistanis on Eid.

‘Ertugrul Ghazi’ himself and Turgut Alp Actor want to come to Pakistan

A day ago, Turkish actor Engin Altan Düzyatan, who played the lead role in the play Ertugrul Ghazi, also congratulated Pakistani fans on Eid-ul-Fitr in Urdu. His video also went viral on social networking sites.

It may be recalled that after the recent plane crash, Esra Bilgiç and Jalal, who played the role of Haleema Sultan in the drama, posted messages on the social networking site and expressed regret over the loss of human lives.

Ertugrul Actress Gülsim Ali ‘Aslihan Hatun’ also wishes to visit Pakistan after Pandemic is over

Turkish actor Jalal also posted the Pakistani flag on his profile picture on Instagram after the plane crash before Eid and also wrote that he would not leave his Pakistani siblings in this hour of grief.