Faiza Beauty Cream, Golden Pearl Banned in UK for Lethal Ingredients


Faiza Beauty Cream, Golden Pearl Banned In UK over Lethal Chemical Ingredients

For those who are still marveling at the miraculous fairness result of Faiza beauty cream, here is a wake-up call: London Trading Standards has banned and penalized 15 unsafe cosmetic products that contain harmful chemicals ñ enough to cause organ damage.

BBC London has created a short documentary mentioned that most of these brands come from Pakistan and include the so-called brand of the year, Faiza beauty cream and Golden Pearl.

Another soap product called Faiza Beauty Cream contained 0.54% of toxic mercury.

These illegal businesses were fined £168,579 for selling unsafe cosmetics, the majority of them skin lightening products.

According to the report, prolonged use of the products could have resulted in health problems ranging from skin thinning and discoloration, to organ damage and cancer in the long term

Trading Standards said it had identified at least 15 online sellers using eBay to offer prohibited skin lightening products, with efforts currently to locate them.

Company bosses who sell banned cosmetic products can be fined up to £20,000 per offense and sent to prison for up to one year.