Google to let employees ‘work from home’ till July 2021

Google to let employees 'work from home' till July 2021

Google announced to let most of their employees continue their ‘work from home’ until July 2021.

Previously, the company said that majority of employee will work from home till end of 2020 due to COVID-19, whereas some essential employee and workers will continue their duties in their office soon.

With this extension, It seems like the tech industry is expecting a long term threat from the current pandemic. The company expects most of their employees to continue their duties from office. Moreover, Google CEO, ‘Sundar Pichai’ said the company has already reopened 42 offices around the globe.

According to the American Newspaper, Wall Street Journal, this strategy would affect almost all of the 200,000 employees who are working in various business owned by Google’s parent company, Alphabet.

Sundar added to his statement by saying:

“We will carry on with our work from home strategy till June 30, 2021,for such employees who are not needed in the office and can afford to work from their homes, to provide our employee the time they need to plan for their future.”

Sundar also wrote “I hope this extension will provide the flexibility you need to manage work with taking care of yourselves and your loved ones till next year.”

Recently, there has been a massive flood of COVID-19 cases in many states and the idea of coming back to the office for work seems to be pushed back even further.

However, Google is the first major tech company to realize the possible threats of the pandemic and concluded such a long work from home schedule, It is expected that other tech giants who have already started their work in office will also follow the schedule that Google has implemented.