Hania Amir and Asim Azhar “FRIENDSHIP” Cutest Moments

Hania amir reveales they are not in relationship

Hania Amir and Asim Azhar have become the target of one of the largest troll campaigns in the city after Hania Amir denied any romantic relationship between the two and are just “friends”.

This revelation shocked the entire nation who had thought that the two will eventually end up together and are indeed in a solid relationship.

All this was revealed after Hania Amir had an Instagram Live with famed singer Aima Baig and the singer asked her bluntly if Hania an Asim were dating, to which the actress replied:

“We are friends, we are not together, we are not dating, we are not a couple. But we certainly are best friends.” She also added that “Her boyfriend is her work these days,”


This statement brought a wave of memes made on Asim Azhar being “Friend zoned” by Hania Amir and the trollers really had a heyday.

Though the reaction of the fans is over the top but Hania Amir and Asim Azhar have been posting regularly loved up pictures with each other for the past year or so on their official Instagram accounts.

They also made travel vlogs together around the world pre-pandemic.






Both have appeared in shoots and ramps together, amplifying the “dating rumours”




Both tagged each other on their birthdays



Even Hania presented him with one of his first award

Aima Baig laid it down in a serious tone, “So many people have been asking lately about when you and Asim Azhar will be getting married?”

To which Hania replied: “I’m not getting married, we’re not getting married right now.”
“I still have baby fat to lose,” she said while squishing her cheeks making a childish face. “How can I get married right now?” Hania asked.

Baig also added to her response, “Yeah man she still hasn’t lost her baby teeth yet!” following which they both started laughing.



So, after this came the hashtag #JusticeForAsimAzhar and many more started trending on twitter:

Even Hania Amir’s latest serial “Dilruba” got roped in on the memes

The recent appearance of Hania Amir in Asim’s song “Tum Tum” alsogot trolled

So what do you think? Is there any weight to Hania Amir’s revelation or all this is for the fame that social media brings with such news.