Hareem Shah’s Immoral Videos Leaked On Social Media

Hareem Shah's Immoral Videos Leaked On Social Media

Pakistan’s controversial TikTok star Hareem Shah is facing severe criticism on social media after her immoral videos were leaked. In Hareem Shah Leaked Video on social media, Hareem Shah is allegedly seen doing lewd acts while taking a bath in the bathroom.

These TikTok videos have been leaked from an unknown user’s social media account.

Hareem Shah while reacting to these leaked videos has claimed that these videos were leaked by his own friends Ayesha Naz and Sandal Khattak.

Hareem said that these videos are from a few years ago, which was in my mobile, one of them was made in a house in Karachi, while the other was made in Islamabad, but because at that time Sandal and Ayesha were living with me. So they stole my mobile phone and saved the videos.

According to Hareem Shah, “Even before the videos went viral, he had received many threats from Sandal and Ayesha Naz that we will make your videos viral”.

TikToker said that “After Sandal and Ayesha’s threats, I contacted the FIA ​​in Islamabad, but I was told that no action can be taken until the content is made public on my complaint”.

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On the other hand, Hareem’s husband Bilal said, “Hareem told me that she had filed a complaint with the FIA ​​before the videos went viral (years ago) but the FIA ​​did not respond until the content became public.” Said to wait.

Bilal expressed his indignation at this position and said, “Let us be told which country’s law is it, where on the threat of murder, wait for death first, but I was not with Hareem before, now I am and I am with them.” After the videos, the upcoming Spain trip was also cancelled, we will come to Pakistan soon and take legal action against the opponents.