Nabeel Qureshi’s teaser video of ‘Ki Jana’ features Sonya Hussyn in Red Sari with a Gun in hand

Nabeel Qureshi Releases The Teaser Trailer of latest Music Video ft. Sonya Hussyn

Latest teaser trailer of Nabeel Qureshi’s new music video “Ki Jana” is out now which features a bruised and angry Sonya Hussyn in a red sari and looking like a runaway bride, with a gun in her hand.

The song is sung by Shani Arshad, while its cinematography is done by Rana Kamran. Titled ‘Ki Jana’, the video is based on Bulleh Shah’s kalam.

The trailer opens on the highway where the two lead actors are seen making a journey in a truck, cut to next scene we see Sonya Hussyn with a bloody face, shooting someone with a giant rifle and the screen appears with the words “There is no honour in Honour Killing”.

This makes us believe that the song is about two lovers who take off leaving the society behind but the norm of “Jirga System” calls for the death of both as a law.

The song is picturized on actors Sonya Hussyn opposite Mohsin Abbas Haider in a remote setting of a highway. The release date for the music video has not yet been revealed, but as the teaser shows, it’s coming soon.

Qureshi says he shot the video in May 2019, but he “took time on its editing and sound design. I also got busy with my film project during this time. Hence, the delay.” According to him, it’s a “story-based video. The concept is inspired by the lyrics. It also touches on honour killings as one of the many social evils.”

Sonya Hussyn is famous for her take on challenging roles in various drama serials throughout her career and now this music video. She recently wrapped up the very famous “Ishq Zaha-e-Naseeb” where she is shown to be married to a person with Pi-Polar and Split Personality Disorder.

She was also nominated for Best Actor Critic (Female) award at the recently held Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA) 2020 for her recent performance in Ishq Zah e Naseeb.