Nutella says No, its products are Not ‘Halal’ and Muslim Fans just can’t accept it!

Nutella says No, its products are Not 'Halal' and Muslim Fans just can't accept it!

In a recent turn of events, the beloved chocolate hazelnut spread, Nutella, has come out and said that “It Is Not Halal”, leaving a mass chunk of Muslim consumers dazed and confused.


The Muslim Consumer base though tried convincing the brand and by large the world that all the ingredients were permissible and that Nutella was just not “Halal Certified”.

The halal certification depends on the country one lives in. US and Canada laws do not require certain products to be halal certified while the same products with same ingredients are halal certified in other countries they are sold.

Food containing gelatin, enzymes, emulsifiers, and flavours are “doubtful” as the origin of these ingredients are not immediately known to the consumers. To avoid this confusion, many companies clearly mention whether their products are halal or haram, something clearly Nutella had lacked or forgotten.

Some consumers have clearly panicked as they are not sure now if Ferrero Rocher is consumable or not

Some people have more than enough evidence that the product is indeed halal.

And then there are the chocolate spread lovers who are not taking this nonsense

Any more comments on the issue have not been made by Nutella as people wait to hear from them.