PakPass app launched for Overseas Pakistani travel instructions by Pakistan Government

Focusing on the guidelines and Standard Operating procedures regarding COVID-19 designed especially for the travellers coming to Pakistan from abroad, the government of Pakistan has rolled out an app for the passengers.


Titled as the “PakPass app”, help in avoiding COVID-19 related registration upon arrival at the selected airport in Pakistan and observe any health protocol put in action by the respective authorities due to COVID-19 including observation of the quarantine procedure.
The PakPass app is going to gather information regarding home isolation and corona testing services.

Recording Travel History:

Civil Aviation Authority has advised the Airline Management that while booking the tickets, passengers should be notified to download the app via email. And at check-in, the authorities should ensure the app presence in the mobile of the passengers.

Constant internet connectivity and access to location services of the passenger would be obligated by the Civil Aviation Authority during the quarantine period. The passengers will also be advised to keep the notification options turned on by the app.

According to CAA, strict action would be taken against the passengers who would not follow the guidelines by the Aviation Authority of Pakistan.

Instructions to Use App:

If a family is flying to Pakistan then only one of the members will handle the SOPs on the mobile app. People who don’t have smartphones will be subjected to strict procedures at the Airport.

Such actions from the government will allow in keeping track of the prospective patients and those who have recovered.