Participate in “Tick Tock Show With Faheem Khan” – Timings & Details

Tick Tock Show With Faheem Khan Timings & Details

With the popularity booming more than ever, it is no surprise that the social media behemoth, TikTok, has been downloaded more than 2 billion times globally on the App Store and Google Play, according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates.

TikTok has seen a boom in new downloads and users during the COVID-19 pandemic. The app was downloaded 315 million times during Q1 2020, which is a new quarterly record.

And banking on the popularity of TikTok are many players in the industry, many celebrities like Kylie Jenner continue to join the app whereas many companies also are developing content specific to TikTok in order to boost their brands.

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And amongst players who are gaining a lot from the popularity of the app is Pakistani Channel BOL Entertainment who have recently come out with a show called “Tick Tock Show with Faheem Khan”. The show that airs every night at 10 pm at BOL Entertainment, features a wide range of TikToks that are made across Pakistan.

The show on their website have to say this about their format: “Whether you are eating, singing, cooking or just telling the world how to kill boredom, just pick up your phone, make a 2 minute video and send it to 0337-0310710 via WhatsApp and become a winner”.

The show basically has 9 categories namely, Tick Tock Boy, Tik Tok Hero, Tik Tok Heroine, Tik Tok Kids, Tik Tok Family, Tik Tok Aunty, Tik Tok Uncle, Tik Tok Couple or Tik Tok Friends and best videos from each category are rewarded the title.

Moreover the top 5 videos (with Pakistani Content only) will get an exclusive chance to win unlimited gifts.
The show is hosted by the famed anchor Faheem Khan who judges all the videos across the different categories and announces lucky winners every night.

So if you are an avid fan of the app and its content and can’t get enough of it, this is your chance to get entertained by your favourite TikToks with the addition of a flair of a gameshow every night.